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MRI Prohibited Items

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MRI safety is our utmost priority; we extensively monitor and test medical devices prior to patients entering an MRI scanner. The Radiology Group provides the following list of contraindicated MRI devices; this list is subject to change often and requires that we use the site for MRI safety for updates. We are transparent with the most current information on device testing and safety status. Here is a very brief registration for ongoing use but can be a valuable tool when you are considering MRI safety.

  • Accusite pH enteral feeding system
  • Atrostim Phrenic nerve stimulator
  • Brain aneurysm clips
  • Breast tissue expander
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Cardiovascular catheters
  • Cochlear Implants [exception Pulsar]
  • Collgard 3000 Thermoregulation
  • Core temperature ingestible capsule
  • Cozmo insulin pump
  • Disteronic pumps
  • Duraphase or Omniphase penile implant
  • Fatio eyelid spring/wire
  • Flex-tip plus epidural catheter
  • Hoffman II External fixation devices
  • Holter- type shunt valve
  • Implanted cardio-verter defibrillator
  • M2, Pillcam, Capsule Endoscopy Device
  • Magnetically activated implant
  • Mc Gree piston stapes prosthesis
  • Medtronic neurostimulation system
  • MiniMed Infusion pump models 2007, 508 and 407C
  • Palladium clad magnet, dental device
  • Polyfin infusion set
  • Poppen-Blaylock carotid artery vascular clip
  • Precision spinal cord stimulation
  • Resolution hemostatic clip
  • Retinal tack
  • SOUNDTECH direct drive hearing system
  • Stainless steel keeper dental device
  • Stryker pain pump
  • Super Arrow PSI
  • Theracath 304 V SS
  • Titanium clad magnet, dental
  • Troutman magnetic ocular implant
  • Unitech round wire eye spring
  • Vibrant Soundbridge
  • Wide angle IMP lens implant
  • Zenith AAA Endovascular graft

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